Wild Mage Phantom Orion Kickstarter

Kickstarter Project Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight Fully Funded

In the span of a month, Luna Orion’s Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight eclipsed its Kickstarter funding goal of $10,000 USD by almost 770 percent, raising an approximate total of $87,000 USD. This not only brings the game to life, turning it from a mere concept into a tangible product but also secures its release across all current major platforms. And it looks like we’ll be exploring and fighting in this lush open-world action RPG in just a year and a half’s time.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, Wild Mage is an “open-world action/adventure RPG featuring airships, floating islands, dungeons, and dynamically destructible enemies and environments” with combat that looks strikingly similar to that of action-combat MMORPGs like Black Desert Online or Neverwinter. In its screenshots and prototype footage — both of which can be found on the Kickstarter page — Wild Mage looks beautiful, with a rich, mesmerizing color palette and unique architecture. The screenshots especially are so picturesque they look like you’re nearing Heaven — or something Heaven-equivalent. And many of the GIFs on the Kickstarter, while undoubtedly doctored and likely not a true representation of the final product, seem to run fairly smooth, even during heavy-destruction sequences. We’ll see if Luna Orion can maintain momentum and produce a game that performs as well as it looks in its current alpha footage.

In the meantime, check out some high-res screens of Wild Mage below.

Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight will be available on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, and is slated for a December 2019 release window (for Steam Early Access).