Destiny 2 Will Receive an ‘Incredibly Engaging’ New Mode This Fall, Says Activision Blizzard

A notable omission from Activision Blizzard’s positive Q1 financial report this week was Destiny 2, resulting in questions from investors revolving around declining player engagement and how the company plans to address challenges.

Answering those questions in a post-earnings Q&A session, Activision’s Collister Johnson mentioned new features and updates coming with the upcoming Warmind expansion, and teased an “incredibly engaging” new mode coming this fall, which the company hopes will excite players. According to a transcript provided by Seeking Alpha, Collister said:

But even more of what’s coming this fall into the innovations and gameplay there, including to what we think will be an incredibly engaging new mode, one that introduces a whole new style of play for first-person shooter gaming generally and certainly for the shooter space that Destiny created. It’s a really exciting development. It’s one of the things that we feel really speak to the community when it comes out in the fall, and we’re really excited to share more about that. We won’t do that until E3. So as to this next expansion, head over to E3. We hope we’ll you see there and be able to talk more about it.

E3 2018 kicks off on June 12 and we’ll be covering it here at PlayStation LifeStyle so make sure to tune in for updates.

[Source: Seeking Alpha]