Destiny 2: Warmind Cinematic Introduces Ana Bray, an Icy Mars, and the Shadow of Nokris

During today’s Destiny 2: Warmind reveal stream, Bungie showed off the expansion’s opening cinematic. Featuring the Hunter Ana Bray, rumors floating around the community that she would make an appearance were proven correct. In the short video, Bray makes her way through a frozen field on Mars, fighting and dodging legions of icy Hive enemies. At the end, a large shadow occludes her face. Using evidence gained from other assets that were sent out, we expect that this looming threat will be Nokris.

Nokris is a major Hive enemy we’ve only heard about once before. He was one of the statues in the final story mission during The Taken King, so he is affiliated with the threat of Crota and Oryx. How he fits into this greater story on Mars remains to be seen. Ana Bray is a guardian and and descendant of the Bray family. The Bray family was a crucial part of developing the technology of the Destiny universe during the Golden Age, including the Rasputin, the warmind.

Destiny 2: Warmind isn’t just a new story in the Destiny universe though. Along with Ana Bray and Rasputin’s stories, Warmind will include plenty of new things for players to do and a number of new secrets for them to discover. Today’s reveal stream was just the start of a conversation that will lead to the release of Warmind and Season 3 on May 8.

Check out the gallery of images below to get a look at the Hellas Basin, Ana Bray, Nokris, and the Escalation Protocol event. Warmind will also include a timed PlayStation exclusive Strike and gear set for each character class. If you’ve been waiting for Destiny 2 to improve, you’ll be happy to hear that the community leaders had a very positive reception to the Destiny Community Summit that Bungie held last week.