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God of War Director Doesn’t Want to Work on Games That Don’t Have Some Kind of Story Mode

God of War director Cory Barlog has said that although battle royale and multiplayer games with competitive elements are the hot thing right now, he personally doesn’t want to work on games that don’t offer some kind of campaign because stories are the “draw” for him.

“Competition doesn’t drive me,” Barlog told IGN in a recent interview. “It’s not to say that competition is bad, it’s not to say that competitive games are bad because I love that those exist, but it’s not my thing.”

While some companies argue that turning towards multiplayer experiences is important for survival in the video games industry, Barlog believes that multiplayer and single-player games will go through an “ebb and flow throughout time.”

“It’s not about a competition between multiplayer and single-player,” he continued. “It’s not about any of them being alive or dead, right? It is Schrödinger’s cat. We are alive and we are dead at the same time, right? And we will always be that way.”

Echoing the thoughts of many in the video games community, Barlog says that there will always be room for different kinds of experiences in the industry despite what’s trending.

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[Source: IGN]