Square Enix E3 Showcase Will be Live on Their Own Website

Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, will start on June 11, showcasing many publishers’ and developers’ works of art and grandeur. The event will also be a meme-filled fiasco. Yet, everyone is excited for E3, since this will showcase a lot of upcoming games, as well as updates on the status of already announced games.

Even Square Enix is a trying to create hype for its own showcase on E3. They actually made a page in their own website in which you can view all of SE’s upcoming games. Their live stream will also start on Day 1, meaning that fans should definitely tune in if they want the latest updates.

Here are some details given by Square Enix, answering frequently asked questions:

What is the Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018?

On Monday, June 11 at 10AM PDT, we’ll connect you to the many worlds within our universe.

  • London – Monday 11th June 2018 @ 18:00 GMT
  • Central Europe – Monday 11th June 2018 @ 19:00 CEST
  • Tokyo – Tuesday June 12th @ 0200 JST

How will I be able to watch the Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018?

Please tune in here to watch it on your preferred livestreaming platform.

Will there be a physical venue to experience Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018?

This website and the respective streaming platforms will be the exclusive ways to watch this showcase.

Will this stream be live? Where is it broadcast from?

The stream is produced in advance and will begin at 10 AM (PDT).

What if I miss the scheduled broadcast? Will I be able to view it at a later time?

The Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018 will be archived here.

Do I need to sign up or pay to watch?

No sign ups necessary. The livestream is completely free.

What titles will be announced or showcased in Square Enix E3 Showcase 2018?

Find out here on June 11!

What languages will be supported?

English & Japanese.