Attack on Titan 2 Gets a New Decisive Battle Mode With the Latest Update Patch

Koei Tecmo has published yet another Attack on Titan 2 update patch that adds one more brand-new online mode. Called Decisive Battle Mode in the Japanese version, this is a one-on-one duel mode that tests not only the individual’s skills but also their leadership and how they grasp the battlefield.

The following is a description of the new mode from the Japanese press release, which we have translated as follows:

Basic rules of Decisive Battle Mode

Titans are allocated to both allied and enemy teams. Destroy the enemy team’s titans to reduce their team point. The team who can either reduce their opponent’s gauge to 0 or have higher gauge when time runs out will win.

Ten Ability Types

Players can choose from ten Ability Types that determine their stats, skills, and items. These Ability Types will be unique to this mode and different from the previously added Destruction/Expulsion Mode.

Burst greatly changes the situation

There is an orange Burst Gauge at the top part of the screen, right below the team gauge. This gauge gets filled by destroying titans, and when full will activate Burst mode. Character stats will be greatly raised temporarily, allowing them to destroy Titans with overwhelming power.

Powerful Titans blocking the way

Strong titans like the Beast Titan will also appear. These titans are in a neutral force, but the team which can defeat them will be able to deplete much of the opponent’s gauge.

Buddies will help secure victory

SOS signals will randomly show up in this mode. By successfully responding to them, you will be able to recruit series characters as Buddies. Borrow their reliable powers to move the battle to your advantage.

Ever since Koei Tecmo released Attack on Titan 2 worldwide on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam (with an exclusive PlayStation Vita version in Japan and Xbox One version in the West) last March, they have been adding more new online modes through post-release update patches. Last month, they added another online mode called Expulsion Mode (or Destruction Mode in the Japanese version).

[Source: Koei Tecmo via 4Gamer]