Pro Baseball Player Caught Up in Fortnite Drama

Red Sox pitcher David Price is in a bit of conundrum with baseball, but it actually doesn’t have much to do with baseball, oddly enough.

Price plays quite a bit of Fortnite, like nearly everyone else in the world these days. However, he recently missed a game start due to minor carpal tunnel, an affliction most pitchers have to deal with sooner or later. Naturally, this led people to jump to the conclusion that his gaming habits must truly be the cause behind it.

Fortnite is no stranger to the Red Sox locker room. The Athletic even wrote an article about how much the Red Sox love playing Fortnite. They really love it on road trips, especially. In this article, Price admitted that he (and others) sometimes play after a game until 2 a.m. The players even admitted that they have to remind themselves to eat when they get caught up in a Fortnite night.

It doesn’t matter, of course, that the Red Sox team manager has said that Price’s hobby has nothing to do with his wrist injury. Price didn’t start playing video games upon Fortnite‘s release, after all; he has been playing for years. But all of this is moot when fans are upset and want to blame something. As a result, Price has acknowledged that Fortnite is a distraction, and he won’t play it “at the ballpark.”

The “ballpark” element is a rather important distinction, as this excludes playing Fortnite at home or in a hotel. If all his ball buddies are going to continue to play, then of course he’s going to play too. He will just refrain from playing at the ballpark.

Are you part of the Fortnite craze?

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