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Final Fantasy VII Remake Might Get Pushed Back to 2023

As if we are expecting it anytime soon, right?

We already reported that Square Enix will be handling the Final Fantasy VII Remake totally on its own. Now, according to a leaked, somewhat confidential, conversation between development lead Naoki Hamaguchi and producer Yoshinori Kitase, the game has an estimated year-of-release. It will be in 2023, the 35th year anniversary for the Final Fantasy series. The conversation between the two happened earlier this year, on the 30thFinal Fantasy anniversary. Hamaguchi found this totally unacceptable, so his team has been doing everything he can to make the release earlier. Yet, this could probably be reality due to how everything is playing out regarding Square Enix’s staffing fiasco.

This whole conversation was taken from a transcript that someone attending the event has gotten a hold of. Destructoid has tried to reach out to SE to validate the statement, if this pertains to a final completion of the game, including the episodic releases. We just have to wait for E3 if any news about the game will be shown.

Let’s again just enjoy these screenshots, and hope that at least it will be before 2023. But that’s just a dream inside the Lifestream for now.

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