quantum replica release date

1C Company Introduces a Game Where Cyberpunk Meets Neon Lights Meets Stealth Action

1C Company has finally given word that Quantum Replica will be hitting the shores this year. Together with the release date announcement, 1C also has provided a new trailer that shows a bit of gameplay mechanics and story, as well as a bunch of screenshots.

Quantum Replica is set on a dystopian future, where neon lit shadows and a cyberpunk metro. The player is a “most wanted” person in the game, named Alpha. The protagonist has no recollection of his past, and you work your way into filling up the gaps in his memories. A lot of adversaries might hinder your progress, but his time-manipulation ability and TONS of gadgets and weapons make up to balance the scale.

More information down below, via 1C Company:

About the game

It’s 2084, and the world bows to a ruthless corporate alliance known as the Syndicate. Under the flickering neon lights of an endless metropolis, citizens scratch out a living, fearful of mercenary armies and their faceless masters. Here, bitter secrets are buried deep. Secrets that you must uncover.

You are Alpha, a young man who awakes without any memory of his past life. Plunged into conflict and mystery by dark forces, Alpha must find his way across a sprawling megacity to secure his past, and doing so, his future.

Manipulate time to evade the all-seeing eyes of the city’s omnipresent AI and shake off the guards it sends after you. While exploring the city and looking for clues about your existence, you’ll discover powers that give you time-manipulation abilities. Move quickly and undetected in the shadow of time, turn the tables on your oppressors with advanced technology and awakened skills. Bend time and space to your will, and uncover the deep dark secrets of the Syndicate.

Main Features:

  • Fast-paced stealth action gameplay
  • Explore a vast cyberpunk city with 5 distinct zones.
  • Unlock time-manipulation abilities to overpower your enemies and traverse hostile environments.
  • Use a variety of gadgets at your disposal and outsmart the syndicate armies.
  • Defeat powerful bosses.

Quantum Replica will be out for the PC on the 31st of May. The PlayStation 4 release will be set on a later date, in the autumn of 2018.