Devils Hunt Game

1C Company’s Devils Hunt Game Will Send You to Heaven and Hell

On the back of games like Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr and SIE Santa Monica Studio’s God of War, players are eager for the stench of death. Something as amorphous as the end of existence seems to be a point of intrigue for eager minds, and 1C Company, a global PC and console games publisher, is here to quench the collective bloodlust. Enter Devil’s Hunt, an upcoming heaven and hell themed, third-person action game developed by Layopi Games. Check out the announcement teaser trailer below.

According to a press release 1C Company sent out, Devil’s Hunt will see “players will go to hell and back in the battle between Demons and Angels. [You are] Desmond, a man with demonic powers who can decide the fate of our world by joining either side of the conflict. Based on the original hit Polish fantasy novel, EquilibriumDevil’s Hunt brings to life the eternal fight between light and darkness as an all-out war between Demons and Angels appears imminent with the mortal world as the battleground. Desmond can fight using his fists and claws, making use of the skills his demonic and human sides offer—but ultimately he must choose which side he will follow.”

In addition to the brief synopsis, 1C Company also included a small list of features that’ll be in Devil’s Hunt when it launches:

  • Captivating Storyline: Based on the original novel by Polish author Paweł Leśniak
  • Change Forms: Exercise useful human and demon skills alike to overcome obstacles
  • Fight Like a Demon: Third person melee combat with a large variety of attacks, combos, and enemies
  • Deep Narrative: Expressed through gameplay and high-quality cutscenes
  • Explore the Mortal World: Rich, context-sensitive environment interactions

And while you’re here, take a look at some of the screens of the game.

Devil’s Hunt is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and will release sometime in 2019.