The Hellish Devil’s Hunt Will Now Arrive on Consoles in Early 2020

Originally meant to launch the same day as its PC counterpart, which releases September 17th, the console version of Devil’s Hunt will now arrive in the first quarter of 2020, according to publisher 1C Entertainment. This launch window applies to Devil’s Hunt PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases, as well as the newly revealed Nintendo Switch version.

In a statement via Gematsu, developer Layopi said the console delay was  “in order to ensure the game’s PC debut has the polish and commitment to quality befitting an extravagant third person action game where players fight their way through Hell, Jerusalem, and… Miami?” Presumably, the console versions are undergoing extra polish of their own.

Devil’s Hunt is a third-person action title based on Polish writer Paweł Leśniak’s debut novel, Equilibrium (2012). Leśniak went on to found the development studio Layopi to adapt his novel into a video game. Thus far, things seem as though they may be working in his favor.

The game stars Desmond, the son of a wealthy entrepreneur, who lost most of his humanity. Now he has an array demonic abilities, and is caught dead in the middle of an ongoing war in the depths of Hell. This middle ground places Desmond in an interesting position, where he represents both savior and destroyer, someone who has the power to tip the scales in any one direction. The forces of good, Angels, and the like sit on one side of the aisle. Meanwhile, Demons and the lowest of lows reside on the opposing side.

While a deep narrative rests at the center of Devil’s Hunt, there’s seemingly much to look forward to on the gameplay front, as well. Desmond will primarily use his fists for combat encounters, though his demonic abilities do play a major part, contributing to melee attacks and combos. In addition, exploration is also supposed to be key to the experience.

Check out the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below for a better look at what Hell has in store for Desmond:

[Source: 1C Entertainment via Gematsu]