RAGE 2 Confirmed With Teaser Trailer Today, More Info Tomorrow

In an announcement that should come as zero surprise to anyone, thanks to Walmart Canada and the official RAGE Twitter account, Bethesda has officially confirmed that RAGE 2 is indeed a thing with the teaser trailer above. I mean, we already knew it was a thing because of the game’s recent Twitter posts, but now it’s officially official.

Gotta hand it to Bethesda for turning into the skid.

However, all the information we have is only in the teaser trailer. We’ll all learn more tomorrow at their official gameplay reveal. Perhaps that’s when it will all be officially official.

The original RAGE did okay critically, with reviews ranging from 60-96 on Metacritic. Although, the original was not nearly as pink as this one appears to be.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the big reveal on May 15, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. EDT.