Mafia 3 Developer Opens New Studio, Still Working on Unannounced Game

Mafia 3 developers Hangar 13 are getting some new digs, as they have announced they will be setting up a new studio office in Brighton, UK, to be headed up by Split/Second director Nick Baynes. The studio is the fourth office for Hangar 13, and with the acquisition of Baynes’ indie studio, the plan is to expand the team and establish a new AAA console studio in the region. The new team based in Brighton will work alongside Hangar 13’s other three offices to create a currently unannounced “major console game,” according to

According to Hangar 13 VP of development Andy Wilson, the choice was made due to the studio’s past history with Baynes. “It’s actually based on the fact that Nick and I used to work together at Black Rock, going back longer than I am prepared to say. At GDC last year we met up, and Nick had formed a smallish studio with some of our former colleagues from the Split/Second team,” he said. “They were interested in getting back into console development. Back then we needed a partner for some contracting work, so we started out that way. As the year went on, things were going well and it became apparent we had a big opportunity, because Brighton and the South East has this vast pool of talent, with console experience, but there’s a lack of console development going on in the UK.”

With the inclusion of the Brighton studio, Nick Baynes hopes that it will be a boost of sorts to the major development scene found in the city. “There’s been a general feeling amongst the developers in Brighton that there is something missing here. Really since Black Rock, we haven’t had a major, AAA console development studio in the city. Like Andy said, about a year ago I started something new.”

As of now, no information about Hangar 13’s new game has been released, but with the generally warm reception of Mafia 3, hopes are high that the studio can build off of a solid first attempt and come back with an even bigger and better game.