J.J. Abrams Forms Games Company in Partnership With Tencent

J.J. Abrams, one of the most visionary entertainment minds of his generation, is forming his own game company. Bad Robot Games aims to work with some of the biggest and brightest developers in the industry, as well as Chinese giants Tencent to, in Abrams’ words, “bring our games to audiences around the world.”

The man behind Lost announced the news today, which saw PUBG backers Tencent enter into an Asia exclusivity partnership with the brand-new wing of J.J. Abrams’ entertainment company, Bad Robot.

Heading up the leap into the unknown will be Dave Baronoff, who has been in charge of Bad Robot’s previous game division since 2006, as well as helping out with the ever-branching paths of the Cloverfield franchise.

“Dave’s creativity, deep passion and skilful leadership will be incredibly valuable,” Abrams revealed in a statement. While it’s uncertain just how much of a hands-on role J.J. Abrams will have when it comes to actually developing games, it’s clear that he’s set up Bad Robot Games as a way to reach out to other developers to form a partnership when it comes to making new games. It’s what Abrams calls a “unique co-development approach to game making that allows us to focus on what we do best, and hopefully be a meaningful multiplier to our developer partners.” In layman’s terms, expect Bad Robot Games to team up with the best and brightest in the industry to bring new experiences to PC, mobile and, of course, consoles such as the PlayStation 4.

Just give us a Detroit: Become Human-style Fringe game and it’ll all be worth it, J.J. Trust me.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]