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NJPW Announce Bizarre Bullet Club x Pac-Man Crossover Tees

What does Bullet Club, one professional wrestling’s biggest and best groups, have in common with Pac-Man? Uhh, not a whole lot, actually. That hasn’t stopped NJPW from releasing one of the more bizarre, yet strangely lovable crossovers in the past few years: Say hello to the brand-new Pac-Man x Bullet Club t-shirts.

On the eve of Dominion 2018, one of NJPW’s premiere events, the Japanese wrestling company took to Twitter to reveal the merchandise. It’s even using Kenny Omega as a model, who you might be familiar with as the guy who played Cody in the character’s live-action reveal for Street Fighter V. There’s a man who loves his games.

While the shirts are only available to buy in Japan, it is expected that they will be available to buy at some point in the West. After all, the mega-group has become one of the hot commodities in wrestling over the past half-decade, with everything from Funko Pops being sold exclusively at Hot Topic to WWE creating their own knockoffs feeding into everything and anything Bullet Club-related.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan, one of these shirts, which also features the Pac-Man ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde on its back, will cost you 3,500 yen, the equivalent of around $30.

With NJPW being fully licensed in Fire Pro Wrestling World on PS4, there’s more than a fair chance that Bullet Club will explode in popularity even further. Might a Pac-Man/Bullet Club wrestling game crossover be in the works? Stranger things have happened.

[Source: NJPW Store]