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Dontnod’s Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Will Show the ‘True Potential’ of Life is Strange

Dontnod Entertainment’s announcement of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit was an intriguing one. The free game is set in the Life is Strange universe, a trailer for which you can check out in our previous coverage.

But what is this all about, you ask? Well, Dontnod has published a blog post dedicated to answering that question.

Players will take on the role of 10-year old Chris who wants to be a superhero, and his imagination will take him on “all sorts of” adventures.

“Over the past few years, ever since the release of the first game, Dontnod have been quietly working on the next mainline entry in the Life is Strange universe,” reads the post. “During this time we not only observed what these games truly meant to our fans, but we also put that in the context of what the series means to us and our ambitions for it.”

The studio desires to tell “many more stories” in the Life is Strange universe and says that Captain Spirit is just the first step in showing fans the true potential of the universe alongside showing “the possibilities of a diverse universe filled with interesting characters and stories to tell.”

We’re told that Captain Spirit will be full of secrets, some of which will relate to Life is Strange 2.

[Source: Dontnod Entertainment]