We Happy Few Gets August Release Date

Forget any form of early access, the real, full-fat version of We Happy Few is out very, very soon. With a release date of August 10 and a new story trailer from E3 2018 to boot, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to those trippy taste of an alternate 1960s London.

Coming from Compulsion Games, who have, as of yesterday, been snapped up by Microsoft, the game sees players trawl through a devilish alternate history view of 20th Century England, complete with psychedelic detours and being on the lookout for the police state that tries to capture you around every turn. Just like real life, then.

You will play as one of three characters in the survival game with just the one, Arthur Hastings, being playable in the game’s early access state and a second, Sally, only being glimpsed in a behind-the-scenes video.

Despite not yet being released, the game has proved controversial. It is currently banned from release in Australia thanks to its depictions of drug use. As of writing, it’s not been shelved in any other regions but ehh, you never know. Best keep those pre-order receipts handy.

If you want another game to get every last drop out of your PS4 Pro then you’ll also be pleased to note that We Happy Few comes with full 4K and HDR support. Being on the run from murderous policemen has never looked so gosh darn pretty, that’s for sure. You can check out the story trailer from E3 2018 above.