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Seven New PlayLink Games Announced for 2018

The running theme with new PlayStation services and ideas tends to be, “will Sony continue to support this?” This especially seemed true when talk of the PlayLink series seemed to go quiet, with ostensible under-performance and tons of deep sales on the PlayStation Store. However, Sony isn’t done with the idea (seemingly inspired by the ever-popular Jackbox series), and has announced a new volley of seven new PlayLink games that are set for this year.

The games are Just Deal With It, Chimparty, WordHunters, UNO, Melbits World, Ticket to Ride, and Knowledge is Power: Decades. There’s plenty of variety here, from officially licensed versions of popular tabletop games, to more quiz games, and even a minigame collection.

Using free mobile companion apps, players can get together and play the PlayLink series without using any controllers. It’s a casual-minded concept that aims to bring players together without needing a ton of expensive controllers.

PlayLink isn’t just about wacky hijinks. In addition to these seven new games, Sony also previously announced Erica, which uses the format to tell a psychological thriller story. Players will use their mobile devices to make choices that alter the story, not unlike a Telltale game, but perhaps much more accessible.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]