Beyond Good and Evil 2 Playable Beta in Late 2019

Exactly one week ago, we all had our eyes focused on Ubisoft, as the publisher stormed the E3 2018 show floor to unveil its new projects (and familiar ones, of course). Beyond Good and Evil 2 was one of the first games they showcased. The hype for this game has seen a tremendous rise a few years back. And now there’s info about the Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta.

Sadly, as of late, it feels like that hype is starting to dwindle, because it’s been 15 years since the original and about 11 years since the sequel was announced.

Disappointingly enough, we still don’t have good news on the subject. Believe it or not, Ubisoft still has no official launch date for the game. However, they did reveal that they plan to launch a playable beta in 2019.

Game director Michel Ancel stated: “we aim for a playable beta for the end of next year.” He posted this info via Instagram when he was asked about the action adventure game’s release date.

Honestly, and with all due respect to Ubisoft, the gaming community (already growing impatient) will not like this news. On top of that, Joseph Gordon Levitt, whose company is collaborating with Ubi on the project, recently had to deal with a public outrage as to how the whole development is being handled.

[Source: PC Gamer]