Death Stranding Hidden Musical Message Interpreted

Death Stranding is starting to cause a stir within the gaming community. People’s curiosity has certainly peeked when we’ve seen actual gameplay. Yes, well, this is a Hideo Kojima game and as such you are bound to expect hidden messages, and lots and lots of Kojima fans intepreting these supposedly coded messages that were spotted in the game’s recently showcased E3 2018 gameplay trailer. Today the Internet is abuzz with another wave of Death Stranding hidden messages and cryptic images.

God only knows we’ve already been through this with previous Death Stranding trailer. Fans are analyzing everything, down to the last detail and theories are coming up left and right. One of the more notable theories is that the numbers showing along Norman Reedus’ character’s suit correspond to a controversial Biblical verse (as put forth by certain fans).

What seems to have triggered the biggest debate is an analysis of Sony’s poster, which shows Lindsay Wagner’s character. The poster seems to contain a particularly complex hidden message. To understand it, check out the full image below:

Death Stranding hidden messages

After the image was released, this tweet got the ball rolling:

But now things get weirder, because it appears that Wagner’s necklace resembles an ancient method of communication and recording, which is called quipu. To make things even more bizarre, Kojima himself tweeted on the subject of Quipu a while back. And yes, it then gets even weirder, as the decoded message seems to indicate a melody to a song called “Give Me An Answer,” by the Icelandic band Low Roar.

Kojima already used the song for the Death Stranding E3 2016 trailer. Additionally, when the music video for “Give Me An Answer” launched in 2017, director Dylan Marko Bell said that Death Stranding inspired the video.

Make of it what you will, there’s enough evidence now to suggest that Death Stranding is far from your average game. With the premise and atmosphere already looking uncanny to say the least, we also know other interesting things like the fact that combat in Death Stranding is optional.

Color me intrigued. How about you lot? What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Polygon]