Gameplay Video for Resident Evil 2 Remake is Gore-Filled and Gorgeous

Despite the onslaught of rumors, the Resident Evil 2 remakes’s reveal at E3 made for quite the surprise. During the event, Capcom was only willing to show the public their announcement trailers. Hands-on previews of the game are garnering the remake positive buzz, though. To elevate the already incredible momentum, Capcom has released yet another video. This time it’s a gameplay clip that runs roughly five minutes in length.

The first thing that stands out the the remake’s stunning visuals. Up next is the praise-worthy sound design. From the gory visage of a recently turned zombie to the visceral sound they make when tearing into to Leon’s flesh, Resident Evil 2 couldn’t look or sound any better. Furthermore, Leon and the other characters, zombie and human alike, are all beautifully rendered.

While the gameplay demo is short, it does emphasize the core tenets of what makes RE2 so incredibly special. Fear, tension, gameplay, and puzzles all get a chance to shine. Environments, though only a short few are on display, also receive their due in this new video. Of course, we can attribute this to the brilliance of modern technology. Capcom is populating the world with more details, heightening both tension and the feeling that the world is lived-in. If the rest of the game looks this great, Resident Evil will own the month of January once more.

The Resident Evil 2 remake launches early next year on January 25, 2019.