Days Gone’s Escalation System Punishes Players for Excess Ammo Usage

Survival tactics and resource management gameplay mechanics continue to gain popularity in gaming. Despite being prevalent throughout many genres, these mechanics are most often associated with horror titles. It’s no surprise, then, that Sony Bend will also employ similar features for its third-person zombie shooter, Days Gone.

Managing resources will act as a pivotal part of the game’s experience. However, overusing one resource in particular will land players in hot water. Trouble comes for those who excessively fire off gunshots or explosives, according to Days Gone’s development team. During YouTube Live at E3 2018, the devs share this information with Geoff Keighley. When Keighley asks about balancing the scarcity of resources, game director Jeff Ross calls it “one of the biggest challenges.”

“We kind of punish the player for using excess ammo by the escalation system,” Ross says. “This open-world is responsive, if you do something it’s going to react. So if you’re firing a lot of shots and creating a lot of explosions, you’re going to bring in other Freakers, and other animals, and other people who want to do you harm as well.”

This seems relatively straightforward. Sound attracts Freakers, like other zombies and zombie-like creatures. Therefore, players will have to use caution with regards to relying on ammunition to clear out hordes. However, given that upwards of 500 Freakers can attack Deacon at once, using other methods, such as the environment, to dispatch them may prove the more ideal option. This in addition to ammo scarcity will undoubtedly increase the game’s challenge, forcing players to think and behave more tactically.

Days Gone launches February 22, 2019 on PlayStation 4.

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