God of War Art Prints Showcase the Game’s Incredible Beauty

God of War’s stunning world impresses from start to finish. Every aspect, from the incredible draw distances to minute details on a monster’s visage, deserves endless acclaim. For fans that are still exploring the game, photo mode offers ample tools to appreciate such details. Now Cook and Becker are offering fans a chance to display God of War’s impressive world on their walls.

As an art gallery and art book publisher, video game art is Cook and Becker’s speciality. Aimed at appealing to the “serious collector,” this art dealer works with artists and studios to ensure each print produced bears long-lasting quality. Some of their notable works include prints for Horizon: Zero Dawn,  Persona 5, The Witcher 3, and Skyrim. The God of War art collection is similarly impressive, featuring concept art directly from Sony Santa Monica artists.

Cook and Becker’s description for this new fine art collection reads,

“The official God of War fine art print collection celebrates the exquisite art behind the award-winning game. The collection features 6 gorgeous prints that depict various memorable scenes and settings from the game, and includes some of the very first concept art drawn for the new God of War setting by Spanish concept artist José Cabrera, as well as a stunning print by senior concept artist Abe Taraky of a statue of Týr, half submerged in the Lake of Nine.”

The collection features six prints, which vary in price from $95 USD to $135 USD. Prices also vary according to image size and chosen finish or frame.

[Source via The Verge]