Watch a Brand New Weird-ass Japanese PS4 Commercial

Yes, that was supremely weird in a slightly compelling kind of way… or supremely compelling in a slightly weird kind of way? Japanese commercials have always been known for having a massive component of weirdness, no matter what type of product they happen to be advertising. Well, in that regard, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is no exception.

The commercial you saw above is the latest in a series of odd Japanese commercials for the PS4.

Let’s face it, for ages these Japanese commercials have been a tremendous source of entertainment, but when you see them utilized for the purpose of advertising a video game console, man, it’s even more appealing and more fun somehow.

This odd marketing campaign, once again, features famous Japanese singer and actior Takayuki Yamada. This time around, Yamada has transformed and is completely digital.

What’s incredibly entertaining (albeit a bit scary) is how the commercial becomes increasingly insane with each passing second. At this point, it must be said that it’s a complete must-watch. During the commercial, you’ll also notice that Sony Japan has incorporated gameplay footage from a wide variety of PS4 games that are already available for purchase (while some are still on the way).

Let us know if this particular brand of video advertising insanity is your cup of tea. I know it’s mine. Anyway, if it is, you can check out other similar commercials:

[Source: Push Square]