Barack Fu DLC

Barack Fu is Out Now and it’s the Video Game America Needs

Starting today, if you have the retail version of Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn, a game inspired by 90’s style beat-em-ups, you get a bonus game via free DLC: Barack Fu: The Adventures of Dirty Barry. The trailer opens with Obama claiming that “The world has gone to sh*t” and I mean, he isn’t wrong.

This independently created and produced game features a brand-new hero, this one is not an endorsed celebrity but a parody of one of the greatest heroes of our time. Some fool has been icing celebrities and he ain’t slowing down. When the fuzz can’t crack the case and the private dicks don’t have a clue, Dirty Barry gets the call. Jet to Paris and even outer space, battling crazy bosses and their mad minions as the ex-POTUS-on-notice dispenses justice for all.

  • Battle fashionistas, politicians, robots, clones, hackers, flying derrières, and rappers with your raw fists and smoking hot lead.
  • Call in a “Peace Prize” drone strike to flatten your foes in an instant.
  • Slip into Dirty Barry mode and rack up a killstreak with your handy assault rifle and an abundant supply of grenades.
  • Take out the bad guys from a distance with a variety of firearms, including a shotgun, railgun, and machine gun.
  • String together power moves like the Barack ‘n Rolla and South Side Smash to create devastating combos.

If this game is anything like Shaq-Fu  it will be full of amazing, joyous moments but also cringe worthy self-awareness, an overuse of nostalgia, and mediocre gameplay. Shaq-Fu, and Barack-Fu by extension, is one of those games some people will be completely sucked into and others will bounce off of quickly. Still, it’s impossible not to smirk at the ridiculous representation of such an esteemed man. Barack-Fu looks like everything I never knew I wanted and well worth the extra $10 for the physical copy (or extra $20 if you’re suffering through that Nintendo Switch tax).

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is available at major retailers as a physical boxed product for $29.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and $39.99 on Nintendo Switch. Find the best place to buy it through their official website.

Have you picked up Shaq-Fu yet? Is this enough to convince you? Comment below and be sure to read our review here.