Amy Hennig on Uncharted’s Future: There’s Plenty of Material to Continue the Series With

Naughty Dog has hinted on several occasions that it’s ready to put the Uncharted series to rest following the release of A Thief’s End. However, many have suggested that the series could continue with a different character such as Nathan Drake’s daughter Cassie. Former Uncharted writer Amy Hennig agrees.

Speaking to GameReactor during Gamelab in Barcelona, Hennig said that the developers can “always jump back” into Uncharted as there’s a lot of material that they could continue with.

How would you continue it? I mean, that’s tough, because they kind of wrapped it up with a bow and had the flash forward. Look, I think there’s a lot of material there that you could continue with: Cassie, with the daughter, you could do flashback stories with Nathan Drake… you just look at Indiana Jones; there’s really not a limit. You can always jump back in and tell a story with an older character and that gives a whole different color to it, which is kind of cool, and you could do sort of the Young Indiana Jones version of Nathan Drake if you wanted to. I’m excited, because it sounds like the filmmakers are gonna do that actually with the Uncharted film and go back to an earlier time and stuff like that.

Do our readers agree with Hennig? If yes, what do you want to see next in the Uncharted series?

[Source: GameReactor]