True Fishing Adventure This September With Fishing Sim World

Today, Dovetail Games is spreading the word about their upcoming title Fishing Sim World, which they have proudly described as “the most authentic fishing experience ever made.” Players will be able to “feel the adrenaline rush of landing trophy largemouth bass and the thrill of fighting huge carp and monster pike.”

Fishing Sim World is going to offer a combo of realistic game physics and accurate fish AI. According to the devs, players will be able to go from beginner to pro, as they improve their skills, and upgrade their equipment over time, mastering all environments. 

So, where will we be heading for the fishing trip? Well, a total of seven challenging and gorgeous locations (across the U.S. and Europe) were confirmed. You’ll be able to go to the glacial Lake Boulder of Upstate New York and Florida’s sunny Lake Johnson. In addition, Gigantica Main Lake in France was promised and a challenging stretch of the UK’s Grand Union Canal.

“Our passion for simulation and realism ensures that Fishing Sim World will be the most authentic fishing game on the market,” said Mark Greenway, Fishing Sim WorldDirector at Dovetail Games. “We cannot wait for fishing fans to take on the challenges of bass and predator fishing, as well as catching huge carp!”

Fishing Sim World is officially going to hit stores on September 18, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and will carry a price of $39.99 (£29.99 / €34.99).

Okay, folks, any takers? Of course, if this type of fishing game doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, you can always try Rapala Fishing: Pro Series or how about something even more exciting, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV?