pilot sports release date

Take to the Skies in Pilot Sports This Fall

Rocking a colorful cartoon aesthetic reminiscent of the ’90s, everything about Pilot Sports says throwback. This arcade flight game developed by Wild River and Z-Softwares offers local multiplayer for up to 4 players. Pilot Sports is designed to cater to a range of player needs: from a fun party game to a simple game for parents to play with kids.

This title offers 50 courses and seven challenges with five different aircrafts to change the way you approach an obstacle. You’ll also have eight playable characters to choose from. The key to any good, casual, indie party game is variety on that front Pilot Sports seems to have its bases covered. The PR team highlights the following key features:

  • More than 50 courses
  • Diverse aircrafts: Airplane, jetpack, parachute, and two different hang gliders
  • Seven different types of challenges
  • BONUS: Unlockable courses to explore the tropical island where the game takes place
  • Eight playable characters
  • Party game for every type of player

Pilot Sports launches on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, digitally, September 2018. The price is yet to be listed. Hopefully it will be fairly cheap as this seems more like a casual, impulse buy for some quick pick up and play action rather than a really rich experience.