Rocket League Third Birthday Stats Reveal PS4 as Most Popular Platform

To kick off its anniversary celebrations, Psyonix has crunched the numbers and revealed a bunch of Rocket League third birthday stats that are liable to make your heard (and tires) spin. Out of the 2.5 billion matches played in the game’s lifetime, guess which users have played it the most? Score one for the PlayStation crew!

39% of all Rocket League games ever have taken place on PS4. That’s compared to 35% on Xbox One, 21% on PC/Steam and 5% for the fledgling Switch. The stats don’t end there. Not be a long shot.

rocket league stats

Over a million tournaments have been created since its inclusion in an April update. But even that pales in comparison to the amount of goals scored as of Rocket League’s third birthday. 13.1 billion goals. Nearly all of them outrageously lucky flukes, if my games are anything to go by.

With the numbers looking likely to grow and grow, it’s a little wonder that Psyonix haven’t really considered Rocket League 2. This title is more than enough for, you’d imagine, the next couple of years at least. The team has been knocking it out of the park with consistent content and, with 6.5 million players returning month-on-month, it’s proof that they’re doing something right. Here’s to another year of Rocket League successes.

[Source: Rocket League]