Id Software Director: Fun Separates Rage 2 from Other Post-Apocalyptic Games

The leak and subsequent official announcement of Rage 2 came as a massive surprise to almost everyone. 2011’s Rage launched with little fanfare. Of all the wells for id Software to return to, this post-apocalyptic adventure likely doesn’t make it at the top of many wishlists. Still, id has a story to tell and an experience they feel is worth delivering. This is despite Rage 2‘s genre being saturated with similar titles. However, studio director Tim Willits promises their latest brings something fresh to the table–fun.

In an interview with, Willits acknowledges the innumerable games that share Rage 2’s basic premise. Most of these titles depict worlds where devastation and depravity are conveyed through “mean violence.” Id Software’s forthcoming sequel aims to instead drop players in a world of “fun, over-the-top violence.” Willits adds,”there are some serious elements to Rage 2, but we’re making fun games, and they need to be fun. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Inevitably, post-apocalyptic games such as The Last of Us, Fallout, and even Mad Max come to mind. Fun for these titles manifests in myriad ways, but none possess what makes the Rage series work, the DNA of an id experience. To this end, Willits notes,

It’s the power fantasy of you as the hero. You’re always the good guy. We have these over-the-top, meaty, situational weapons. The combat is always intense. We put you into the game. I know everyone laughs when you say, ‘We innovate and immerse you,’ but we do. First-person shooters are the most immersive you can get. And when you play an id game, it feels like an id game. And if you said, ‘Well why?’ I don’t know. It just feels like an id game.

The thrill that Rage 2 offers should feel similar to that of id’s other properties (Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake). Players will know firsthand whether the developer, in conjunction with Avalanche Studios, succeeds when Rage 2 releases in 2019.