Cory Barlog Confirms Netflix Is Not Developing a God of War Series

Around the time of the game’s release this past April, not-so-convincing rumors began circulating that Netflix would produce a God of War series. According to what’s now considered a hoax, Jason Momoa was attached to star as Kratos. It didn’t take long for the rumor to be debunked. However, it’s reared its head once more. In a Twitter post, creative director Cory Barlog puts the speculation to rest. No, a God of War Netflix series is not in the works. Barlog wants the streaming service to change this, though.

The director makes his hopes apparent in the same post that confirms the show’s present nonexistence.

With Netflix developing a Witcher series, with former Daredevil writer Lauren S. Hissrich showrunning, a God of War show isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. Interestingly, Steven S. DeKnight, who created Spartacus and executive produced Daredevil’s pilot season, has expressed interest in producing a God of War film. Last month, DeKnight inked a multi-year deal with Netflix to develop series and feature films. Wishful thinking suggests the Spartacus creator, who also wrote for Buffy and Angel, would be a perfect fit to helm a Kratos-starring project.

Perhaps this very topic will come up soon, when DeKnight and Barlog share an SDCC panel alongside Kong: Skull Island director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

While the wait for a hopeful God of War Netflix series persists, the game itself is available for countless hours of enjoyment now.

[Source: Twitter]