NieR Automata books

Viz Media is Releasing NieR: Automata Books in the West

Critical acclaim and commercial success ensures NieR: Automata by itself is triumphant. Automata’s cross-media ventures with a novelization and short stories expands upon this. The works were originally released in Japan last year, but Viz Media will bring English translations to North American audiences. Viz recently took to Twitter to announce the news.

Written by Yoko Taro and Jun Eishima, Long Story Short is a novelization of Automata. It’s not a mere facsimile of the game’s story, though. Readers will garner more insight about the inner-workings of characters, while also delving deeper into Automata’s key events.

The short story collection noted in Viz’ tweet, Short Story Long, collects a series of tales from within the NieR universe. A novella titled The Flame of Prometheus features in the collection, and is set in the thousands of years that separate the original NieR and events in Automata. “A Much Too Silent Sea” constitutes another confirmed tale in the forthcoming collection. According to Destruction, the Japanese version of the work suggests the rest of the stories are as follows: “Orbital Bunker Observation Diary,” “Memory Thorn,” “Small Flowers.” Two original stories are expected to feature also, “Emil’s Recollection,” and “YoRHa Ver. 1.05.”

Long Story Short launches October 8. Short Story Long, meanwhile, will release on an unspecified date in 2019. Both works are priced at $14.99 USD.

[Source: Viz Media’s Twitter, Destructiod]