EA Stock Value Hits All-Time High

It’s time to take a look at some more stock prices. Yesterday, news broke that Sony closed out yesterday with some serious numbers, not only hitting a 10-year high for the company, but also re-solidifying it as the most valuable Japanese electronics company after losing that title 15 years ago. Now, EA stock value has hit a milestone of its own, hitting the highest point the company has ever been.

This comes from Reset Era user Nirolak, who was taking a look at stock values for various video game companies. As of a couple hours ago at the time of this writing, EA sat at a total stock value of $45.5 billion. According to Nirolak, this ridiculously high number is fueled by strong financial results, which sounds obvious, but also an analyst upgrade from EA’s unsecured debt rating, even in spite of a recent mobile game developer purchase.

Nirolak also included a list of publicly-traded gaming companies, which puts the numbers into perspective:

Activision Blizzard: $61.8 billion

Electronic Arts: $45.5 billion

Nintendo: $38.5 billion

Take-Two: $14.5 billion

Ubisoft: $13 billion

Bandai Namco: $8.8 billion

Konami: $6.5 billion

Square Enix: $5.5 billion

Sega Sammy: $3.8 billion

Capcom: $2.5 billion

Koei Tecmo: $1.95 billion

Sony and Microsoft were omitted of course, as those are large corporations that do more than make video games. It’s also worth noting that Bethesda/ZeniMax is private.

[Source: Reset Era]