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Sony Stock Reaches Highest Peak in Over a Decade

The good times don’t stop rolling for Sony. Not content with carving out a considerable slice of the console market for themselves, they’ve just cemented the company as the biggest electronics maker in Japan, and reached a 10-year stock high in the process.

Closing at $51.30 a share on Tuesday in Japan, the Sony stock has seen a dramatic rise of 12% in 2018 thus far, with a 4.5% spike on Monday alone. That marks the company’s highest level since January 2018.

It’s hardly surprising, too, when you think at how strong the PlayStation 4 is already this year with the likes of God of War, plus the prospects of a few exclusives and big titles still to come. NPD’s recent prediction of 2018 top-selling games could also be a tiny reason as to why the Sony stock has soared: three of 2018’s top 10 are Sony exclusives, which is unprecedented when compared to any other platform.

One has to wonder just how high the ceiling is for Sony. The bubble is unlikely to burst anytime soon but, with no new hardware on the horizon, it will be nigh-on impossible for the company to maintain this sort of momentum. Still, a win’s a win and, as of right now, Sony just can’t stop winning.

[Source: THR]