Sony Gaming Heads

Sony Cuts Ties With Gaming Heads, Reportedly Orders Them to Destroy All Stock

Sony has seemingly cut ties with Gaming Heads, a merchandise company that has created a plethora of PlayStation statues for collectors. Sony has apparently told Gaming Heads they are now to destroy all of their existing PlayStation merchandise, including items that are currently in stock, those that are ready to ship to customers, and those that are currently in production.

Gaming Heads is directing customers to Sony for refunds

In an open letter posted on Facebook, Gaming Heads claims that all of their Jak 3 statues, The Last of Us Part II Ellie statues, The Last of Us Part II Joel and Ellie dioramas, Sly Cooper Classic Edition statues, and God of War Kratos busts and statues will now have to be destroyed. Other items that are currently in production, like Ratchet and Clank and Bloodborne statues, will also be discontinued. All other non-Sony PlayStation items, such as their Tomb Raider statues, are unaffected by this decision.

The statues that are now supposed to be destroyed include items for which customers have paid and are waiting to be shipped out. Customers who are affected by this decision are being redirected to Judy Ward, Sony’s Group Manager of Commercial Partnerships and Global Licensed Merchandise at PlayStation, for any inquiries about “order, payments, refunds, etc., and what they will do for you.” The full letter can be seen below.

Gaming Heads seem to have washed their hands of any responsibility toward their customers with no mention of refunds from themselves, just that they “sincerely apologize” for the problems. When customers further enquired about the response of Gaming Heads in the resulting thread on Facebook, they were told the company would “do all that we can” but once again referred them to Sony for refunds.

Sony has not made any comment regarding the claims from Gaming Heads.