Monster Hunter: World x Final Fantasy XIV Behemoth Crossover Gets Release Date, Launch Trailer

If you thought Monster Hunter: Worldarray of bulging beasties and gigantic predators was already bad enough then, I’m sorry to say, you ain’t seen nothing yet. That’s because the game is getting a Final Fantasy XIV Behemoth crossover, and we’ve finally got a release date and a launch trailer. I hope you’re currently sharpening your sword as we speak.

The Behemoth, it’s safe to say, is one of the largest, scariest monsters in either Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter, towering over parties, its horns protruding out towards its prey. We already knew the event’s rough release window, but now Capcom has zeroed in on our new target.

You’ll *gulp* have to take on that thing on August 1 (or August 2 if you live in Japan) in the free DLC update but, if you don’t have the stones to take it on immediately, there’s plenty more in the way of content to keep you occupied.

New armor in the shape of the Drachen Set, plus Dragoon-inspired glaives Kinsects and, yes, even Moogle skins for your Palico, will all be available when the title update goes live in August.

It’s an ambitious crossover to be sure, but one that fits in pretty well with the aesthetic of both franchises. Check out the trailer above for the first real taste of the Final Fantasy XIV Behemoth coming to Monster Hunter: World. It’s bound to be a doozy.

[Source: Capcom]