Drop Some Beats in Track Lab: a VR DJ experience coming this summer

Get ready to turn some tables with this DJ VR experience. Track Lab is set to release August 22nd. In the spirit of the music simulator genre, track lab makes it easy for anyone to feel like an expert: “taking inspiration from high-end professional tools and making them fun and accessible to all.”

Developed by Little Chicken Game Company, perhaps the most adorable name for a dev team ever, the inspiration came from their homebase (Amsterdam). Drawing on the dance music and rave scene, this title wants everyone to feel like a world class DJ. Track Lab takes a drag and drop approach to music making.

The grid layout and building blocks with which you create your track, make timing your beats the easiest thing in the world. Want a beat to play a little sooner or later? Simply reach out and move it further along the grid.

This simple mechanic is at the core of a powerful set of tools that expand as you learn to make more complex musical compositions, eventually allowing you to build truly awesome tracks.

The musical puzzles of the game teach you the basics while challenging you as a player. Little Chicken Game Company wants players to get lost in the rhythm of their own sound. By having this game in VR, Track Lab surrounds you with your own creation in the hopes of completely immersing you in the process.

Based on the screenshots and gameplay however, it does seem a little visually monotonous. It would be nice to see an audience for your productions but maybe that comes after the finished songs. But with the VR market still being relatively small, it’s always nice to get some new releases.