Square Enix Releases Awesome Brave Fencer Musashi 20th Anniversary Video

Today is a blessed day, as 20 years ago, Square Enix released one of its lowkey, best games of all time. I’m talking, of course, about Brave Fencer Musashi. After a long silence, no doubt partially fueled by an abysmal sequel on the PlayStation 2, Square Enix has finally recognized the game with a new video montage celebrating the game’s 20th anniversary.

In the video, which you can watch above, we’re treated to a nice montage of art from the series, as well as what sounds like a few soundtrack arrangements. It’s a huge nostalgia rush for sure, as Brave Fencer Musashi doesn’t get nearly the love it deserves, especially in the west. In fact, the game was one of a few Square Enix titles that never made it to the North American PSOne Classics line, despite being released in Japan.

Here’s the fun part – does this video mean anything? Square Enix is all about mining its old IP, as we’ve seen lately with its Mana series remakes on both PlayStation 4 and Vita. Could a Brave Fencer Musashi remake be in the works, with this video as an early tease? There’s no way to know, and I’m certainly not about to get my hopes up. But even if the video is just a nice look back at one of Square Enix’s fun, little experiments, it’s nice to see it peek it’s head up above the water for a precious moment.

[Source: YouTube]