Third-Person Sci-Fi Shooter Gene Rain Releases on PlayStation 4 Tomorrow

A futuristic sci-fi shooter set at the end of the century, Gene Rain explores the complexities of man evolving via technology. Conflict engulfs the world as gene mutation, quantum technology, and more thrusts society further into a state of inequality. This is due to some people’s inability to physically and genetically adapt to the science that alters basis of what it means to be human. In Gene Rain, players combat these struggles as a member of the Death Squad, a team that aims to thwart the aforementioned advancements.

Steven Sun, producer on Gene Rain and the CEO of developer Deeli Network, details what to expect from the gameplay in a PlayStation Blog post.

You are part of the Death Squad, and control four characters. As you advance through the game, you can upgrade and transform your weapons, and use the improved weapons in new levels.

Apart from the main guns that can be freely upgraded, we also built a 3D audio system for weapons. The sound effects are self-adapting to different bullet velocities, giving bullets distinctive sounds as they fly past your ear.

Enemy behavior in the game is driven by an AI tree which allows them to respond in a variety of ways according to their judgment. Sometimes they will attack openly; sometimes they will sneak up and ambush you. With a variety of weapon classes, the whole game is tense and exciting!

According to the description in Gene Rain’s announce trailer, the plot is linear and employs “new human narrative structures.” Perhaps this means transhumanism and altered states of consciousness will receive exploration. Players can find out for themselves when Gene Rain launches on PS4 tomorrow.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]