Candleman Lights Up the PS4 With Cute Puzzle Platforming This August

Developed by Spotlightor Interactive and published by Zodiac Interactive, Candleman: The Complete Journey is a 3D puzzle platformer featuring a low-light, eerie, yet whimsical setting. You play as a candle who can only burn for 10 seconds, which creates the challenge of navigating the space and solving puzzles along the way. It’s a refreshing change of pace to played as such a flawed protagonist rather than someone who is overpowered. Spotlighter challenges players to see what they can accomplish in those quick 10 seconds of candlelight.

The game claims to have “a smooth difficulty curve,” which is essential for any successful puzzle game. Similar to games like Little Nightmares and Unravel, you’re significantly smaller than your settings. Generally, I find this to add beauty to the art direction as well as amplify the intensity of the game; everything is intimidating when you’re tiny.

Players can light that puzzle platforming fire when Candleman: The Complete Journey releases on PS4 on August 21st. Expect to explore a wide range of “enchanted environments” while on your journey. If anything, these low-light settings only serve to amplify the beauty of the illuminated objects that are present in the game. This puzzler looks promising, and I love how dramatic the trailer is. Give it a watch and see if this title is for you.