Darksiders III’s Fury Is Voiced by the Versatile Cissy Jones

The story of Darksiders III is slowly coming together and it’s exciting to say the least. We now know the game releases November 27th, 2018 and offers a variety of editions to chose from. We’ve even gotten a good look at the gameplay via IGN’s close coverage of this upcoming title. If we venture back even further in this game’s emerging history we get boss battle footage, plenty of trailers, and more.

Now another piece to this story emerges:

Cissy Jones is the voice of Fury. If you’re not familiar with her name you may still be familiar with her work. She was Delilah in Firewatch, Joyce Price in Life Is Strange, multiple characters in The Walking Dead, and Sloane in Destiny 2. That’s not all, by any means. She’s 59 credits deep and counting. So it’s exciting to hear she’s now adding whip-wielding mage to her resume.

Fury is one powerful female lead and Jones has voiced powerful characters, not just in terms of physicality. I’m confident she’ll bring emotional range and nuance that’ll make Fury more than just an all-powerful protagonist, but a fleshed out character players can truly get a sense of.

Be sure to read our previous interview with Cissy Jones to get a sense of who she is as an artist and a small window into what to expect from Fury, by extension. We can’t wait to hear her speak.