Nathan Fillion-Starring Uncharted Fan Film May Lead to Something More

After a series of cryptic teases on social media, Firefly and Castle star Nathan Fillion surprised the internet with an Uncharted fan film earlier this week. Though it’s less than 15 minutes in length, much of what makes the Naughty Dog series so beloved is effortlessly on display. Quips, action, and heart all shine courtesy of stellar performances from Nathan Fillion (Drake), Stephen Lang (Sully), and the rest of the cast. Based on the internet’s enthusiastic reaction, everyone else has noticed this, as well. But online communities are not the only folks mesmerized by the short’s charm.

The live-action fan film is getting attention from people in power, too. According to the short film’s director, Allan Ungar who co-wrote the script with Jesse Wheeler, something more may very well be on the horizon. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Ungar says he’s received “a couple emails.” These emails ponder “what [the fan film] could mean as a digital series or something further.” Of course, Ungar can’t reveal exactly who he’s been in contact with, but all signs point to someone at Sony.

Fortunately, the director would willingly take things further under the right circumstances. “I think if it makes sense and if it’s done right, I’d be thrilled to have a conversation about it and possibly see this specific story continue.” Since the Uncharted fan film has amassed over two million views in as many days on Ungar’s YouTube channel, it stands to reason that fans want to see the story expand.

Presently, a live-action film from Sony is in the works, which will star Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake. The prequel hasn’t received new details of late, so its current stage in development remains questionable. But more from Nathan Fillion’s take on the beloved treasure hunter is definitely welcomed.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]