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Nathan Fillion is Perfect as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Fan-Film

Late last week Firefly’s Nathan Fillion surprised the internet with teases relating to Uncharted. The speculation wouldn’t cease. Could he have a part in the upcoming film, starring alongside Tom Holland? Might a secret project be in the works? Today all of the answers, and the prayers of fans, have been answered. Fillion stars as Drake in an Uncharted fan-film.

When news of Hollywood taking a stab at Uncharted hit airwaves several years ago, Fillion was a mainstay at the top of many wishlists. For those that may have cast doubt as to whether he’s a good fit, the live-action fan project featured above perfectly encapsulates what everyone else saw in him. To put it succinctly, he’s perfect in the role. Of course, Fillion looks the part. However, his voice and demeanor are what especially shine here. To elevate the fan-film’s impressiveness, Avatar’s Stephen Lang is revealed as Sully about four minutes in.

The film, directed by Allan Ungar who also co-wrote the script with Jesse Wheeler, emits Uncharted charm left and right. Nate finds himself in a precarious situation, cracking jokes and uttering one-liners that only he can pull off. Upon his escape, the action unfolds in a manner that resembles a gameplay sequence from the series. A historical mystery unfolds as well, channeling some of the franchise’s overarching plots with hints of a new adventure. All of this and more is on display in only 15 minutes. Needless to say, another two hours would be a dream.

A big budget film is on the horizon, set to star Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland. Nothing of project has come to light since its original announcement. However, we do know the script from The Grey’s Joe Carnahan will not be in use. With Holland as the lead, the movie is said to be a prequel. Details on plot and other castings aren’t publicly known.