Spider-Man PS4 New Trailer and Limited Edition PS4 Pro Announced at San Diego Comic-Con

Spider-Man PS4 certainly didn’t disappoint judging by its San Diego Comic-Con showing. We got a new trailer, featuring the intro of a fan-favorite villain, plus an absolute beaut of a limited edition PS4 Pro console for all webhead fans everywhere. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Spider-Man PS4 new trailer, which you can see below, showcases plenty of new and interesting additions to the narrative. Norman Osborn has been confirmed as Mayor of New York, the Sinister Six are rampaging through the Big Apple and, most important of all, Spidey’s got a brand-new villain in the shape of the mercenary Silver Sable.

If that wasn’t enough, just feast your eyes on this Limited Edition PS4 Pro. Boasting a sleek red design with a white spider in its centre, this is one console that will (literally) brighten up any living room. I mean, just have a gander at this bad boy!

You won’t have to long to wait for either the console or the game proper: both hit stores on September 7 but, of course, that console will be gone before you know it.