Spider-Man PS4 Mary Jane Voice Actor Confirmed as Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey has seemingly done it all as a video game voice actor. Chun-Li, Nadine Ross, Lady Comstock, plus many, many, many more. You name it and she’s probably voiced them. Spider Man PS4 has even offered her another chance to tick off a who’s who of iconic characters by lining her up as the new Mary Jane voice actor.

Bryan Intihar took to Twitter to confirm the VO appointment, calling her “one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with.” Couple that with the brand-new story trailer which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday and we’ve got plenty of reasons to be excited by Spidey and his bountiful supporting cast when the game hits in September.

Weirdly, a quick scour of Bailey’s IMDb page brings up the fact that she’s actually appeared in the Spider-Man franchise before, as Spider-Woman in iOS title Spider-Man Unlimited. Guess who once donned the mask of Spider-Woman in the comics? You guessed it! A certain Mary Jane Watson. It’s all coming full circle and, you never know, may hint at a larger role for the Mary Jane voice actor in any and all potential sequels.

[Source: Bryan Intihar]