Sly Cooper TV Show Coming in 2019 From Creators of Sonic Boom

A Sly Cooper TV show has been confirmed to hit our screens in October 2019. From the makers of the Sonic Boom animation series, the show sees the return of franchise protagonists Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray across 52 episodes over the next two years.

French-based Technicolor Animation, specialists in adapting current properties to the small (animated) screen with the likes of Boss Baby and Puss in Boots on its resume, are taking the reins, fresh off a pretty successful time on Sonic Boom. It was a run which endeared the company to many.

Each episode will clock in at around 11 minutes, so maybe expect a Spongebob-style double bill, with the first batch of 26 episodes airing from October 2019. The latter 26 episodes will arrive on July 2020.

The images on the PGS website indicate very little has changed from the game’s original art style (which, honestly, looked as close to animation as you’re likely to get on the PS2 anyway). Despite that, none of the supporting cast have been confirmed to return yet. Though, where Sly Cooper roams, Carmelita Fox is normally not far behind.

Are you looking forward to the return of Sly Cooper after half-a-decade away? What other video game franchises would you love to see adapted into an animation? Let us know below!

[Source: PGS Entertainment]