Hi-Rez Studios’ Realm Royale Closed Beta Begins Next Week

Hi-Rez Studios, the developer-publisher responsible for games like Paladins and Smite, has announced that Realm Royale‘s closed beta will begin next weeks and signups for the closed beta are open now. Josh Nash, the community manager at Hi-Rez Studios, took to the PlayStation Blog to provide more details. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Nash writes that Realm Royale is, “At its core, a battle royale. 100 players skydive into a massive map, collect weapons, and battle it out to be the last man standing as the fog closes in.” Nash then quickly provides a counterpoint, saying that “Realm Royale isn’t your average battle royale.” He goes on to talk about the differences between Realm Royale and other games in the genre (namely Fornite, since that’s what Realm Royale most resembles).

According to Nash, you start each match by selecting “one of five fantasy classes that define your playstyle”: Assassin, Engineer, Hunter, Mage, and Warrior. From there you can summon a mount “with a push of a button.” Lastly, you can use Forges to “craft Legendary weapons and armor.” Head over to the PlayStation Blog to read the full announcement.

Realm Royale‘s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One closed beta signups are available on the game’s official site now.

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]