Magical Battle Royale Title Spellbreak Gets a Closed Beta Tomorrow on PS4

Spellbreak, the fantasy battle royale experience from Proletariat, is getting a closed beta tomorrow, March 3rd, on the PlayStation 4. For access to the beta, you must first purchase a Mystic Founder Pack on the PS Store, which costs $49.99. PS Plus users can save a couple of dollars by taking advantage of the 5 percent off discount that is currently available. According to the PS Store listing, this discount is also available to all who preorder the Mystic Founder Pack. The preorder discount price of $47.49 ends tonight at 11:00 pm.

In addition to closed beta access, buyers of Spellbreak’s Mystic Founder Pack will receive $35 worth of in-game currency at launch, as well as an exclusive Mystic in-game Avatar and Badge. More extras are to feature in this pack, but those details are not yet known.

Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak announced news of the closed beta in a PlayStation Blog post. In doing so, he also provided an overview of Spellbreak’s six classes. The six classes in Proletariat’s battle royale are as follows: Pyromancer, Stoneshaper, Toxicologist, Conduit, Tempest, and Frostborn.

Unsurprisingly, the Pyromancer’s abilities center on fire magic. This class especially hones in on mid-range combat. As a defensive earth mage, the Stoneshaper main skill is Shockwave, a spell capable of ripping into the ground to hurl debris at enemies. The Toxicologist is for those who want to aim for a sneakier style of play. With this class, players can cover the battlefield in Toxic Spray, summon gas clouds, or launch themselves with Vanishing Mist.

Conduit has lightning-based abilities, such as summoning storms and shocking foes. The Tempest class can use “the wings of the wind” to launch itself into the sky. Whether airborne or grounded, the Tempest’s Tornado spell seems as though it may come in handy. Lastly, Frostborn adds a sniper to the mix, which uses ice skills for both combat and traversal. One spell in particular, Ice Lance, can deliver incredible amounts of damage, but could prove difficult to aim.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]