FIFA 19 Gameplay Leak Shows Off UEFA Europa League on PS4

From noticing new music in the menu to scrutinizing the in-game commentary (in the hopes of more variety), for FIFA fans there is nothing quite as refreshing as a new edition of the  game. While some gamers like to go in with as little knowledge as possible, the rest of us will want to feast our eyes on what’s to come this fall. And if that’s the case for you, you’re in luck. FIFA 19 gameplay footage was leaked on Reddit by user WhadaFack:

The match is part of the UEFA Europa League and shows Manchester City vs Manchester United. As soon as the game is booted up we see added menu and tactical options. We get a quick glance at it and among the most notable tweaks “House Rules” and playing a “Best Of” series. This will certainly add some diversity for those of us who are regularly competing against friends. Without commentary from the player it’s hard to know, from this footage, how the nuanced changes of the game affect things on the field but so far I’m loving the new commentators and their dialogue. For a better idea on how FIFA 19 will play, on a technical level, read our preview of this upcoming title.

Stay tuned for everything that will be happening on the pitch this fall and beyond.

[Source: Gamespot]