nhl 19 open beta

NHL 19 Open Beta Live Now

Not long after the official game reveal and preview eventsNHL 19 is now in an open beta phase. You can hop on to the PlayStation Network right now, download the demo, and hop online for some World of Chel goodness. This was announced this morning via a PlayStation Blog post, although the post seems to have vanished mysteriously. Error or otherwise, the NHL 19 open beta is live and running, and it will be for the duration of the month.

Until August 2, NHL fans can get online and play the various multiplayer modes tied to said World of Chel hub. This includes an incredibly detailed character creation suite, and several game modes. These include Threes Drop-In, regular matches, and new modes Ones and Pro-Am. Pro-Am is a new tutorial mode of sorts meant to give players a new set of teaching tools to learn the various positions of play. Ones, on the other hand, is a 1v1v1 competitive mode that’s based on a real life hockey variant, that comes with its own unique, outdoor setting based on real-life locations.

The character customization aspect of World of Chel also intersects with NHL 19‘s new Real Player Motion physics system, in that player attributes are now influenced by player size. That in turn dictates what happens during collisions with other players, among other aspects of the game. You can also try out the new traits system, which let you add further pros and cons to your customized player.

[Source: Game Informer/PlayStation Blog (dead link)]